The sound of music

I have the song Let’s dance by Chris Rea on my ipod.

These are the lyrics:

When you sing of the joy only love can bring
Heaven knows it’s in my heart and my soul
Caught in a world full of tears
So many bad times and fears
So while there’s a chance and you’re near

Let’s dance
Let’s dance

There’s a world far away from the one we see
There’s a dream I will never let go
One thing is certainly true
This moment’s for me and for you
So while there’s not a thing that we can do

Let’s dance
Let’s dance

The Discussion

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  • Rolla January 11th, 2012 at 10:59 pm #1

    fantastic, I love a flash mob, my beautiful nephew was part of a flash mob on Bondi Beach in October 2009 – if you google it its fun to see, I can spot him in the crowd but its too hard to point him out to you, he is still friends with the guy in the red budgesmugglers. I would love to witness a flashmob one day – add that to my bucket list (which I have started by the way, I have added tandem sky diving, bridge climb (never had the desire to do it before but felt I needed to challenge myself) and a few other things which i will mention at a later time. I love music good for the sole as is dancing and having fun.

  • BOP January 12th, 2012 at 10:08 am #2

    It would be great to be part of a flash mob, wouldn’t it. I will have a look at the one on Bondi beach.Tandem sky diving sounds really good – I would be in that one (I think). I am scared of heights so maybe not. I definitely couldn’t do a bridge climb though.


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