Anne Therese Naylor


I am a writer, artist and teacher. I have a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), a Master of Special Education (Hearing Impairment) and I am a NAATI Paraprofessional Auslan (Australian Sign Language) Interpreter.

I began writing creative non-fiction in 1987 after my third child was born and diagnosed with Down syndrome. In 2001, my short story, ‘The perfect mother’ was awarded a prize in a national writing competition and published in Cosmopolitan magazine.

In 2005, an unexpected, intense desire to create artworks was accompanied by the advent of bipolar disorder and in 2008, my painting, ‘What lies beneath’ was awarded first prize in the Central Coast Mental Health Art Works Exhibition.

A mental health and disability advocate, I am a Carer Representative for Carers NSW. I am dedicated to raising awareness, challenging stereotypes and fighting the stigma of mental illness and disability.

I have recently published three stories on the Australian Human Rights Commission website ( about mental illness, intellectual disability and caring. They are: ‘Mental illness from a fresh perspective.’ ‘What constitutes a good life?’ and ‘The economic value of carers’.

In February 2012, my memoir / information guide to mental illness won the creative non-fiction award in the IP Picks national writing competition with the Queensland publishing company, Interactive Publications. My book, ‘Art from Adversity: A life with bipolar’, will be published in March 2013.