Favourite music

These clips are of music I like.

They will take a minute or two to load. Please wait, they’re worth watching. Some of them are old, and the picture and sound quality isn’t perfect. I apologise for that in advance.

The first song, I am what I am, is my theme song. The lyrics say it all, (and they apply to everyone). I prefer the Karen Mulder version, but I couldn’t get a clip of her singing it, so this is Gloria Gaynor. She’s pretty good too.

This song is absolutely incredible. Ruth Brown and BB King are two of the greatest musicians of all time (in my opinion). The rapport between them is something to behold.

This is the moment. Anthony Warlow. What more can I say?

Jeff Buckley singing the most amazing version of Hallelujah.

Andrea Bocelli. Because we believe

Rod Stewart singing Rhythm of my heart. I love the backing singers in this song (not Penny Lancaster pretending to play the bagpipes). It is a great song and I saw Rod Stewart in concert last year. He is a wonderful performer.

Raul Malo is someone you might not have heard of, but he has an awesome voice and a great backing band with a fantastic brass section. You should check out ‘The mavericks live in Austin Texas’ (the live version rather than the CD if you can).

Buddy Guy and Robert Cray are here because I like the blues. Robert Cray sings another song called Not bad for love, which I would have preferred to put here, but I couldn’t find a clip of it.

Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland. Wow. What a combination.

Josh Groban. You raise me up

Charles Aznavor singing She. Elvis Costello did a version of this in the movie Notting Hill, but I prefer this one. I don’t like all of the images that accompany this song, but some are nice. I have to say I do like the ones of Ralph Fiennes from the movie, The English patient.

Elton John has an incredible voice. The lyrics are pretty good too.

I like to think they are singing about me, when I was seventeen.

John Denver. Some days are diamonds and some days are stones. It sums up bipolar disorder very well.

Stevie Wright – Evie (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

The baby’s – Every time I think of you

Ol 55 – Stay While the Night is Young. Very 1980s. Love the harmonies.