Life with bipolar is hard

I have just read an article written by Julie Fast in her newsletter. She talks about how hard it is to have bipolar disorder and she says that, even though we can be positive, life is not easy. Anyone who has bipolar knows this.

I have a family and I am (mostly) able to function, even though my priorities are no longer to be Martha Stewart and Nigella Lawson. I am (mostly) able to cope with my two day a week job, but sometimes getting there is a challenge. I smile at the people I work with and the few I tell are genuinely shocked when I say I have bipolar disorder.

I don’t look sick and I do not want to see myself as a ‘sick’ person but bipolar affects me in big and small ways, and is with me every day. As Julie says, ‘It’s really hard’ and we need to be more honest about it.

Everyone has their own reality of bipolar disorder, and carers do as well. I do not want to identify myself primarily as a person with a mental illness, even though it is undeniable that I have one and that I and advocate for people who do. I am a writer, artist, teacher, wife, mother and friend who has bipolar, not a bipolar person who is a writer,artist etc. It is not just the rhetoric of political correctness to refer to myself this way. The distinction is really important to me.

I have  my own story and so does every other person with bipolar disorder. We need to tell our stories. That’s why I wrote my book.  To tell my story. My truth about bipolar.

Julie Fast is a real inspiration. Check her out.

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  • S R SAIFI April 1st, 2013 at 7:10 pm #1

    Life is difficult for all and mainly for bipolars but it can be controlled by medications and having less stressful situations in both at work place and home.

  • BOP April 1st, 2013 at 8:34 pm #2

    I agree. But how do you reduce stress at work and at home? I’d love to know.


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