A few years ago, I went to the Margaret River in Western Australia with a group for a wine tasting tour. The people I went with were fabulous and it was a great holiday. The thing was, I didn’t (and don’t) drink. I got to drive, and hang around each of the wineries, while the others quaffed down glass after glass of wine. There is not a lot to do at a winery if you don’t drink.

I decided to keep myself entertained by taking photos of the ‘rest room’ at each winery. It was fascinating. They were all so different. Some were very posh, and others were rustic. I preferred the rustic ones myself – they had so much more character. This door was the entrance to one of the ‘out houses’.

I love looking at photos. They remind me of people I have known, places I have beeen, good times I have enjoyed, and experiences I wouldn’t have missed for the world.