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Art from adversity: A life with bipolar

My book is finished. It will be published next year in April/May.

Art from adversity: A life with bipolar is an illuminating, uplifting and entertaining memoir about adversity, mental illness, bipolar disorder, Down syndrome, creativity and art. It is divided into two parts: the first a collection of personal stories and the second interesting and useful information about bipolar disorder, and informal advice for carers.

 “This book is written with great courage and amazing creativity, and by telling her stories Anne is leading us out of the shadows towards a stigma free word where mental ill health will be as well understood, accepted, funded and overcome in the same way as physical illnesses like cancer and diabetes.  Australia is showing the way in this international challenge and the courage of individual stories like Anne’s if told enough and listened to enough will change the world.”

Professor Patrick D. McGorry AO, MD, PhD, FRCP, FRANZCP
Australian of the Year 2010

“This is an inspiring book in which Anne has drawn on her own experiences to educate and inform others suffering from bipolar disorder. Her use of narrative, paintings and poetry is engaging and illuminating. It is an excellent addition to the literature on bipolar illness and a brilliant read.”

Professor Gin S Malhi MB ChB BSc(Hons) MD FRCPsych FRANZCP
CADE Clinic, The University of Sydney

For more information about the book, watch this space …


Espen Fadness

Today there were 4 hits on the post called My name is Espen Fadness. That makes a total of 58 hits on that post. Amazing.

I have to admit, the youtube clip is awesome. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favour and check it out.


Someone saved my life tonight

Warning: If you don’t want to read about suicide, then don’t read on.

Have you ever saved someone’s life? I have. A suicide attempt is something that happens to the person making the attempt, but it happens to the person who saves them too. Each one has their own, separate, equally distressing, but different story about what happened to them. Often it is never spoken about again. Shame and all that. What happened to me is burned into my brain. I can’t talk about it, but I’ll never forget. Never. And I will be bonded to that person for ever.


Mental illness from a fresh perspective

My story (one of them) is that I have bipolar disorder. I started this blog to empower those who also have a mental illness and to enlighten their families and friends. I write so that people will know they are not alone. I write to give them hope.

People who have a mental illness are often the creative, innovative and inventive minds of the world. We are people who look at things differently. We often have great lateral thinking skills. We have enthusiasm and spirit (when we are not depressed) and we have a great ability to relate to other people, especially others who face challenges in their lives.

Everyone with a mental illness has a unique story and there are many different ways to tell it.

If I can make life better for one person, I will be happy.

In writing about my life and my experiences. I want to change attitudes and challenge stereotypes. I want to have a positive impact on people and help them see mental illness from a fresh perspective. I really want to make a difference.

My story is that, in spite of bipolar, or perhaps because of bipolar, my life is rich and full. I am very lucky.



Bipolar or not, family is important.

At the start of this song, Ryan says (in sign language): ‘This song is for my family.


When the storm clouds are gathering …

Celebrate your success and stand strong when adversity hits, for when the storm clouds come in, the eagles soar while the small birds take cover. (Napoleon Hill)


Something for the soul

When I was young I took piano lessons for two years. One of the pieces I attempted to learn was Beethovan’s Piano Sonate Pathetique.

In this video clip Daniel Barenboim is the pianist. There are no words to describe the way he plays these two movements.

If only I had practised more.