Art from Adversity: A Life with Bipolar

‘Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.’ (Horace, the Roman lyric poet and satirist, 65 BC – 8 BC)

‘Art From adversity: A Life With Bipolar’ is a celebration of the creativity that can emerge from difficult life circumstances.

It is my account of my experience of bipolar disorder and it covers the highs and lows of the illness.

Although this is not a self-help manual, my aim was to give the reader a great deal of useful information, such as how to recognise the onset of symptoms and what to do about it.

I cover medication and treatments, both conventional and alternative, theories about the causes of bipolar disorder and the reactions of family and friends.

In ‘Art from Adversity: A Life With Bipolar’ I also write about having a child with Down syndrome, a subject which I tackle with honesty, exposing my own weaknesses and doubts, joys and humour.

Above all, I show that having a mental illness and being a carer are not always negative and terrible experiences, contrary to public opinion and press coverage. Both can bring a lot of positives in terms of experiences and creativity, and in developing empathy towards others.

I want ‘Art From adversity: A Life With Bipolar’ to be a source of encouragement and inspiration. I want it to inform readers, resonate with them and inspire them. I hope it will make a difference to many and help secure a better future for those who have a mental illness or are carers, and for the people who know and love us.

I hope that ‘Art from Adversity: A Life With Bipolar’ is compelling reading, not only for sufferers of bipolar and for carers, but for anyone who takes an interest in the psychology of the human mind.

My paintings, black and white drawings and multi-media artworks are woven throughout the book. Written with my own unique and creative flair Art from Adversity: A Life With Bipolar is it is an easy read.