Bipolar: one in ten

I spoke to a group of students a few weeks ago about mental health and mental illness. They were just regular students, with (I assume) no greater risk of having mental illnesses than anyone else. I know what the statistics are for various mental illnesses.

Anne Presenting at TAFEThe statistics according to the researchers are:

Bipolar: one in a hundred
Anxiety: one in ten

In this class of 20 there were two students with bipolar disorder and four who have experienced panic attacks.

The statistics in this particular class were:

Bipolar: one in ten
Anxiety: one in five

And they were just the ones who told me. Not scientific data, however, food for thought.

Presentation at TAFE #2Here’s the feedback from the teacher:

Subject: Guest Speaking
Date: 7 August 2013 11:45:19 AM AEST
To: “” <>

Dear Anne,

I wanted to firstly express my thanks to you for giving up your time last night to come and speak to the students. It was an invaluable opportunity for both the students learning and also for myself as the teacher. I will be able to draw on your presentation as we progress through the rest of the course.

I have never seen a class so focussed (apart from the one student who is having issues to sort out at the moment) and listening to every word and piece of wisdom you were able to share. The mix of activities: speaking, reading, video clips and group work were great.

I think we will be continuing to reflect back to what you have shared (remember when Anne said….) to assist us in linking theory to a real life example.

Thank you Anne for coming and sharing your experiences with us.

Best wishes.

Regards …

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