In the Lancet Journal

Chronicle #2

The Lancet is the leading general medical journal in the world, and I am in the Lancet. Well, technically, it’s not me, it’s one of my paintings. This one. The Professor (Gin Malhi), who launched my book, incorporated it into a research paper he wrote that is in the current Lancet Journal. My painting is called ‘Landscape of the mind’, and it pretty much reflects the state of my mind at the moment.

I have bipolar disorder, so too much of anything is never a good thing. Too much excitement and adrenalin is definitely not a good thing, and I have both in spades right now. I am having the time of my life and enjoying every minute of this part of the book publishing journey. The radio interviews, the newspaper articles, the planning and coordinating of launches, book signings and events are intense. I am totally wrapped in it all. It feels so much like hypomania, it’s not funny.

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